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Why Even Try (original song)

06 Feb Posted by in News | 1 comment
Why Even Try (original song)


Download the song here.

Wearing your costumes and playing your games
Turning your tricks with all sorts of names
Feeding us lies with a smile on your face, you deceive

Painting your face like the fool that you are
Preaching the word that means nothing at all
You desperately grasp on to a false sense of being

Why even try, when you know the end is coming
You can’t say why, but you feel yourself numbing, yes you do

What do you do when day fades to night
Say your little prayers then turn out the light
Didn’t mother teach you that all hope is in vain

When you awake you start it again
Convinced of the lies you unthinkingly defend
But in the back of your mind you know it’s all pretend

Why even try, when you know the end is approaching
You can’t say when, but you feel yourself hoping that it’s true

  1. borvyNo Gravatar05-31-12

    Good work man, keep it up.

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